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Sierra Leone has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in sub-saharan Africa and looks for solution to its 70% high youth unemployment (See link The goal of the National Youth Employment Forum was to create a path forward to generate employment and reduce poverty, by economically empowering our youth to play a more meaningful role in the development of our communities and the nation at large. The ministry has announced plans for the establishment of youth training centres across the country to kick-start efforts in addressing the employment gaps. Still there is a big gap. Young Ambassadors Sierra Leone - YASiL helps young people find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues, and needs financial and technical support, to organized smart, innovative community service projects, and systemic, sustainable solutions to hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, undevelopment and homelessness.

Youths in the world are needed to be part of the YASiL Community service, to help Sierra Leone youths gain valuable skills, network and connect with communities to build a working world. YASiL will also connects dissidents in closed societies with individuals and other youth organizations around the country with skills to help. This powerful use of technology helps provide youth activists in Sierra Leone with the tools to open closed societies.

Award winner

Fatmata Conteh, a staff of YASiL won the Global Youth Ambassador award in the USA. The award was on a ''World at School'' in 2013.

YASiL was awarded the Youth of the year in reaching out to communities on ending Ebola Virus Disease in 2014.


YASiL Changing Sierra Leone - Tools and Training
Young people matter. They matter because an unprecedented 1.8 billion youth ages 10-24 are alive today, and because they are the shapers and leaders of our global future. They matter because they have inherent human rights that must be fulfilled. Yet, in a world of adult concerns, young people are often overlooked. This tendency cries out for urgent correction, because it imperils youth as well as economies and societies at large.

Adolescents and youth, those between 10 and 24 years old, accounted for 28 per cent of the world population in 2010. The world must invest in the needs and rights of this group, supporting their access to quality health care and education, opportunities for safe paid work, and freedom from abuses such as early marriage and pregnancy. For more information, see this link on Sierra Leone UNDP youth information...

Latest project

Sensitization and Mobilisation


This approach have high yield and very good dividend since  2011 to date on raising awareness through

School assembly visitations, Radio talk shows,

Community sensitizations, Advocacy campaigns against early child marriage and Ebola virus disease,

Celebration of national and international events and Community services.








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95 Teko Road, Makeni City, Sierra Leone, 42215

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